Why does a baby need a chiropractor?

This is one of the most common questions Dr. Tj receives so we want to break down the top reasons the littlest family member would need corrective care. Let’s walk through the importance of infant adjustment.

Ear infections: Ear infections are one of the top reasons a young child would be prescribed an antibiotic. While antibiotics may be great at knocking this out quickly they have a strong negative impact on our gut health (even more so in children under the age of two). Antibiotics will also not always address the cause of the ear infection *especially in chronic cases* When the body is properly aligned and able to function at its best, the eustachian tubes are able to drain more efficiently directly improving the root issue.

Latch: Dr. Tj has had specialized training to identify mouth ties and muscle tightness that can negatively impact latch. While Dr. Tj will not preform a tie revision procedure, he is able to work with and provided referrals to an amazing team of colleagues specializing in this field including: oral therapy, cranial sacral therapy, surgical tie revision and lactation consultants.

Torticollis: We know torticollis may sound scary but it is a very common reason anyone would visit a chiropractor. Defined as an asymmetry in the head or neck, often caused by muscle tightness or weakness on one side. Parents usually encounter a symptom of this when one side of the baby’s head becomes more flat than the other (and in more sever cases some will treat this symptom with a helmet). A chiropractor is able to work on CORRECTING the asymmetry with adjustments for proper alignment and soft tissue work to loosen the muscles allowing proper head movement on both sides.

Reflux and Constipation: Babies spend most of their time in a reclined position and the muscles blocking the stomach from the esophagus are not fully up and running creating the perfect storm for reflux (or colic and other belly troubles). 

“I have focused on creating healthy families within our community by facilitating their journey of feeling and functioning at their best. Now my greatest joy is that my daughter will grow up in a world where preventative care is normal.”

Dr. TJ

Lead Chiropractor

An infant adjustment of the upper body and neck plus cranial work may be needed if your little one faces one or more of the following:

  • ear infections
  • sinus issues
  • asthma
  • a trauma from fall or physical activity
  • torticollis
  • general fussiness
  • trouble falling or staying asleep
  • posture concerns
  • technology use

Many people don’t realize there are so many different adjusting techniques. This is especially prevalent with our pediatric patients and often these visit will look a bit different. Kiddos may also be more comfortable in different positions while getting adjusted (even laying on mom or dad). Dr. Tj is able to adjust manually as he would an adult but with less pressure, manually with gentle focused and sustained pressure (no thrusting) or with an instrument like the activator ™ or arthrostim™. You will most likely see a mix of these techniques being used to fully meet the needs of each patient! Dr Tj’s goal is to help both you and your little one have the most comfortable and relaxing experience as possible!

Preventative Infant Care

Chiropractic care and infant adjustment help keep the nervous system clear of any “kinks” allowing their growing bodies the best chance to function at its best! Dr. Tj is ready to provide the sweetest patients with the very best care and foundations as they grow!

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