Functional Neurology is a subset of Chiropractic care that focuses on the brain and its functional capabilities. Using an exam and patient history can determine where neurological imbalances are located. We then create a specific plan to target the areas needing additional stimulation or to be toned down in order to create stability and symmetry between the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Traumatic brain injuries, children with autism, and those struggling with focus are prime candidates for these exercises.

Dr TJ has 150 hours training under the Carrick Institute, the leader in Chiropractic Functional Neurology.



  • At age 5 we were still struggling with sleeping and potty issues, and anxiety that caused major meltdowns. I could count on one hand the number of times he (and consequently I) had slept through the night in 5 years. He was still in pull ups on his 5th birthday because he was terrified to sit on the toilet and didn’t understand how to do it. We sought help through therapists. A Gl specialist. An allergist. And we even drove to Cincinnati to see a psychiatrist. Exhausted, depleted and desperate, I took him to Complete Chiropractic and Family Wellness Two weeks in to his care plan, Graham was sleeping through the night (and so was I!’ ). By October he has mastered the potty on his own and he’s now a champ. His anxiety is manageable and he has matured so much! Graham loves Dr TJ and is excited to get his adjustments and do his exercises.

    Concerned Mama
  • I’ve been going to Complete Chiro for several years! There’s a reason I keep going, there’s a reason I haven’t needed to seek care elsewhere. It’s because of the personalized care and service Dr TJ and all the staff provide. They always have time to give their full attention to my needs, answer questions and provide advice, suggestions and sometimes opinions! It’s a great office and I appreciate all of them. 

    Juli C.
  • Dr Fox’s  chiropractic skill level is second to none! His depth of wisdom reaches far beyond adjustments and subluxations. His laser treatment of my knee, restored it to “pre injury” status, his vitamin recommendations have helped our family with ADHD/ADD and depression. Dr. Fox is our primary care physician and has been for the past 3 years! My family and I are wellness patients. We choose to invest our healthcare dollars to keep our health rather than trying to regain the health we have lost. A healthy central nervous system is the way we choose to keep our health, and Dr Fox’s adjustments are the key to achieving that goal! The entire team at Complete Chiropractic and Family wellness is kind, caring and knowledgeable! We are thankful to have found this wonderful clinic.

    Brittany E.