The Encore

At Complete Chiropractic we believe after reaching our initial health goals, it is important to have a plan to maintain them. We can help jumpstart and support this wellness journey, as we all work towards a balanced and healthy life. Schedule your consultation appointment


Wellness visits

Wellness visits – Your full service, customized appointment. This will include the chiropractic adjustment and any therapies recommended, to meet your body’s needs. 

Custom exercise programs

Individually selected exercises that, when combined, target your specific muscle needs. This program is completed in the comfort of your own home and will include both stretching and strengthening to complement the care you receive while in the office.

Lifestyle advice

This is your guide on navigating everyday life and how it affects your body. We will help you balance daily stressors; both good and bad. This can range from working out, to how you sleep, and even sustaining emotional wellness.

Nutritional and Supplemental Advice

Our goal is to help everyone in their journey of complete wellness which includes many factors in our control. Often focusing on nutrition, supplements and making small changes will enhance our everyday life. 

X-Ray reviews

An objective view of what areas need the most attention and  measure progress throughout care. 

Medical grade laser

4 wavelengths of light therapy penetrate and saturate the cells to accelerate tissue repair and cell growth. It speeds up healing time, calms inflammation, improves circulation and helps reduce overall pain.


  • Amazing practice. The staff and Dr. TJ make this a fun and relaxing place.I look forward to each and every visit. It was only after a few visits that I began to notice my posture improving and I was sleeping more soundly. They have really made me feel better and more healthy.

    David P.
  • Dr. TJ assisted me with sciatic nerve pain. I am Thankful for his professionalism and attention to detail. I no longer have the inconvenience of shooting pain that I had before. The thing that I appreciate about him the most is that he listened to me and paid close attention to my concerns. He was very professional and thorough. I highly recommend his services!

    Matt D.
  • I have always been the anxious type, so trying something new like chiropractic care felt intimidating. From the moment I walked through the door the staff were all so friendly and helpful. Dr. TJ explained everything to me as he walked me through the process of making a treatment plan. He calmed my nerves and made me feel completely at ease. I had my first adjustment the very next day and the headache I’ve had for over a year…was nearly GONE. WOW! Don’t waste time wondering if the team at Complete can help you…get yourself in there and let them show you that they can! Best. Decision. Ever.

    Kelsey M.