Adjusting techniques

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 Dr. TJ has been trained and certified in a variety of adjusting techniques to meet the individualized needs and preferences of each patient. His training covers all stages of life, from pregnancy, to infancy, and into adulthood. Contact us to begin your chiropractic experience. 

Adjusting techniques


Mobilization adjusting technique focusing on movement of the joints of the spine. Manual hands on approach.


Foundation building adjusting technique to correct pelvic misalignments and cervical curve conditions. Great for upper cervical spine conditions (migraines, headaches, sinus problems, ear infections etc.) Seated Manual adjustment.


Gentle adjusting technique using pelvic, thoracic, and cervical drops on the table. No “popping” sound.


Gentle manual traction using the Chiropractic table. Used for disc herniations and stenosis.


Gentle instrument adjusting technique using a high velocity, low force impulse from the hand held tool.

Pro ArthroStimulation®

Gentle instrument adjusting technique used to mobilize large amounts of joints either before or after the adjustment.

Extremity Adjusting

Gentle hands on adjustment of feet, ankles, knees, elbows, or wrists to help with alignment. Helps with compression conditions as well (carpal tunnel).


Gentle release technique used to align the pelvis and sacrum to allow the round ligament to relax and encourage proper baby positioning for delivery. This can possibly help with breech baby position.


Gentle adjusting techniques to reduce labor time, reduce complications, and reduce discomfort. Can help pelvic alignment and sciatica.


Beginning from delivery regardless of vaginal or cesarean. Addressing colic, reflux, constipation, latch issues, ear infections and so much more.


  • It only took me about 8 years to begin even to be open to think about utilizing a chiropractor. Due to issues with increased migraines, back, shoulder and head pain/heaviness, then following 30 visits to Physical Therapy without any relief – this SKEPTIC gave in and made my first appointment. So, with the help of visits and advice , I’ve been able to recognize and/or stop/modify some of my behaviors that I was doing that made them worse. I cannot say enough about Dr. TJ and the staff. If I could I would begin every day at the clinic or end each day there! I would also encourage others that may be a bit of a skeptic to be a bit more open minded – you might be very pleased.

    Karen M.
  • As a chiropractic patient under multiple other chiropractors across the country due to the travel requirements of my job, I can say with absolute confidence that Dr. Fox and his team are the most professional, talented, and caring chiropractic team I have ever gone to. Dr. Fox, Meredith, Alexis, and the whole team make everyone who walks through their doors feel like a valued patient and I look forward to seeing them every time I am in town. I have recommended my family and friends to Complete Chiropractic, all of whom have benefitted from their care. If you are looking for chiropractic care in Lexington, look no further.

    Dahila D.
  • I am so much more healthy these days thanks to Dr. Fox and his staff. My posture, my endurance, and sense of well-being has improved dramatically over the past two years. The staff is very kind and patient with me, and Dr. Fox tries so very hard to see that I leave his office feeling better.

    Dani D.