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Welcome to Complete Chiropractic and Family Wellness. I’m Dr. TJ, the Lead Chiropractor. My wife, Sarah and I moved to Lexington in 2018 and have since welcomed a beautiful daughter to our family. Sarah and I built Complete Chiropractic to be a place where you feel welcomed, safe, and understood. I love what I do and I promise that you will always be treated as part of the family and not just another number.  

It is important that we address more than just pain and work to restore function by getting to the root cause. As I get to know every patient and understand their wellness goals, I am able to create a personalized road map achieving optimal results in a direct, honest, and efficient way. 

Growing up, my life revolved around family and sports, ultimately influencing my career choice. As a Division I collegiate athlete I witnessed how common a “band-aid™ approach” is to pain management. Everyone was looking for a quick fix, rarely addressing the underlying issues. Over time I knew I needed a more long term solution focusing on natural body function, but wasn’t sure where to begin. 

When I was in undergrad my grandpa underwent back surgery and the recovery didn’t go as planned, highly reducing his quality of life. Discouraged, he began searching for alternative options until he landed on chiropractic care. We were both surprised when this holistic approach changed our whole lives. My grandpa was able to regain his independence and this fueled my passion for alternative health options. 


I have been practicing in Kentucky since graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2015. During this time, I have focused on creating healthy families within our community by facilitating their journey of feeling and functioning at their best. Now my greatest joy is that my daughter will grow up in a world where preventative care is normal.  

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  • What I was looking for was a convenient location to UK’s campus. What I found was a lovable dog and human-friendly atmosphere with professional staff eager to help me get to the bottom of my lower back issues. The holistic approach to my overall wellness really says it in the name, “Complete Chiropractic and Family Wellness”. Dr. TJ seems to always have a suggestion for ANY of my concerns and takes the extra time to ensure continuous improvement.

    Laurel W.
  • My daughters and I have been in the care of Dr. T.J for years. We could never trust anyone else with our chiropractic care. They are quick to work you in for an emergency, and they take their time and listen to your problems and needs.

    Kelly H.
  • Well worth the 1.5 hour drive to visit the office! My husband and I started bringing our 6 week old son to help prepare for his tongue tie revision. He loves seeing Dr. TJ! He’s been all smiles at his appointments so far. The staff has been AMAZING and both scheduling and communication has been so easy!

    Jordan C.